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Family and Matrimonial Lawyer

Helping Families Navigate Divorce & Family Law Matters

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Do you need a family lawyer in the Northbrook area? Let Silberman Law Group guide you through the legal process, so you can focus on the next stage of your life.

    At Silberman Law Group, we understand that your family’s legal issues are your priorities during these difficult times. With over 15 years of experience guiding families like yours through divorce, issues involving parenting time (visitation) and parental responsibilities (child custody), and other family law matters, Northbrook family lawyer David Silberman brings knowledge, skill, and compassion to help you reach your goals.

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    What Makes Family Law Attorney David Silberman Different?

    David Silberman brings extensive practical and litigation experience to the table, providing clients with the same straightforward, sensible, and reliable legal advice that has resulted in hundreds of successful settlements. David Silberman brings extensive practical and litigation experience to the table, providing clients with the same straightforward, sensible, and reliable legal advice that has resulted in hundreds of successful settlements. With a deep commitment to his clients, David develops a customized legal strategy with each case to ensure successful outcomes.

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    Family Lawyer David Silberman

    My experience, ability, and dedication to my clients achieves excellent results.

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    Why You Need Family Lawyer David Silberman on Your Side

    You need David Silberman on your side for his unwavering commitment to safeguarding your family’s best interests in even the most challenging legal matters. With David Silberman by your side, you’ll benefit from:

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    David brings years of experience to your side, having successfully handled a diverse portfolio of family law cases.
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    His in-depth knowledge of family law ensures the best possible legal strategies.

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    David provides compassionate support during emotionally charged situations.

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    Personalized Approach:

    David tailors solutions to your unique circumstances.

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    Track Record:

    His proven track record demonstrates a history of favorable outcomes for clients.

    With David Silberman, you have an advocate who stands with you, providing guidance, protection, and effective legal representation in your family law matters.

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    Why Do You Need the Best Family Lawyer?

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    What Should You Look for in a Family Law Attorney?

    When seeking a family law attorney, it’s crucial to find someone who can effectively represent your best interests and guide you through your family’s legal matters. Here are key factors to consider when looking for a family law attorney in the Chicagoland area:

    Look for an attorney with substantial experience in family law. They should have a track record of success handling cases similar to yours.

    Family law encompasses various areas, such as divorce, child custody, tracing funds and spousal support and child support. Ensure the attorney handles the specific area of practice that matches your needs.

    Research the attorney’s reputation by reading reviews, seeking referrals, and checking with local bar associations for any disciplinary actions.

    Effective communication is essential. Your attorney should be a good listener, responsive to your inquiries, and capable of explaining legal concepts clearly.

    Confirm that the attorney has the time and resources to dedicate to your case, as family law matters often require significant attention.

    Assess the attorney’s approach and strategy for your case. Your lawyer should have a clear plan to help you achieve your goals and protect your best interests.

    Family law often involves negotiation. Look for an attorney who is skilled at negotiating but is also prepared to litigate, when necessary.

    Family legal issues can be emotionally taxing. An attorney who shows empathy and understanding can make the process more manageable.

    Discuss the attorney’s fee structure upfront, ensuring it aligns with your budget and expectations. Many family law attorneys work on an hourly rate or offer flat fees for specific services.

    Your attorney should be someone you feel comfortable with and trust. A strong attorney-client relationship is crucial for success.

    Familiarity with local family court procedures and judges can be advantageous in achieving favorable outcomes.

    A reputable attorney will be transparent about potential challenges, risks, and costs associated with your case.

    Verify the attorney’s licensing and credentials, and check if they are a member of relevant professional organizations.

    Inquire about the attorney’s success rate and past case outcomes, especially those similar to your situation.

    Don’t hesitate to ask for references from previous clients, who can provide insights into their experience working with the attorney.

    What Our Clients Are Saying

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    What Does a Family Lawyer Do?

    A family lawyer, also known as a family law attorney, focuses on legal matters related to family relationships and domestic issues. The attorney’s primary role is to provide legal advice, representation, and advocacy for individuals who are dealing with a wide range of family-related legal matters. These include, but are not limited to:

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    Divorce and

    David Silberman assists clients in initiating divorce or legal separation proceedings. Our law firm helps clients navigate the complex process of dividing assets, determining child custody and visitation arrangements, and establishing spousal support (alimony) and child support agreements.

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    Child Custody and

    David Silberman represents clients in parenting time and parental responsibility disputes. He works to establish child custody arrangements that are in the best interests of the child, taking into account factors such as the child’s well-being and the parents’ ability to provide care.

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    Child and
    Spousal Support

    Our law firm helps clients calculate, negotiate, and enforce child support and spousal support (alimony) orders. We help ensure that financial support is fair and in compliance with state laws.

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    During divorce or separation, David Silberman assists clients in dividing marital assets and liabilities equitably. He helps clients understand property rights, assess the value of assets, and negotiate property settlements.

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    Prenuptial and
    Postnuptial Agreements

    David Silberman drafts and reviews prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, which outline how assets and debts will be divided in the event of divorce or separation. These agreements can help protect individual assets and financial interests.

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    Domestic Violence and
    Restraining Orders

    Our family law firm assists victims of domestic violence in obtaining restraining orders or protective orders against abusive partners. We provide legal protection and support for clients seeking safety.

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    In cases where paternity needs to be established, David Silberman assists clients with legal actions to determine parentage, which may include child custody visitation, and support issues.

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    Modifications and

    We help clients modify existing court orders, such as child custody, visitation, or support orders, when circumstances change. We also assist with enforcing court orders when one party fails to comply.

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