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What can be used against you in a custody battle includes making false accusations against the other parent, alienating the children against the other parent, and unreasonably refusing to cooperate in co-parenting. Other factors in
Knowing how to file for child support can save parents a lot of time and stress. Fortunately, residents of Glencoe can do so online with the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services or file
How is child custody determined? Child custody usually gets decided in one of two ways. For example, the parents may be able to agree on a joint parenting plan without court involvement. If this is
If your spouse won't sign divorce papers, you can still proceed with a divorce in Glencoe, IL. For instance, you could file a petition for the dissolution of your marriage. Your spouse then gets served
When a marriage reaches the point of no return, and a divorce is on the horizon, couples often wonder about the timeline for ending their marital ties. In Illinois, the duration of a contested divorce,
Parental alienation may occur when one parent purposely tries to turn a child away from the other parent, typically during a heated separation or divorce. The alienating parent may tell the child lies about the
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